Featured below are testimonials from just a few of our satisfied CostX clients.



  • Client Documentation
    Multi Span Australia
    "CostX has taken our company to the next step in providing us with the ability to produce timely and accurate cost plans, with ease of use and great support."
  • Newton Kerr + Partners
    Newton Kerr + Partners
    "CostX has improved Newton Kerr and Partners’ ability to accurately and efficiently carry out the high-level service we strive to provide for our clients."
  • BAM Construct UK
    BAM Construct UK
    " It’s the best in the market that we have reviewed, in terms of ease of use and functionality for 2D and 3D take-off purposes. "
  • Steele Wrobel
    Steele Wrobel
    "CostX has enabled us to improve the efficiency of our service, with the transition from our old system being seamless."
  • JM Kelly
    JM Kelly
    "You must at least trial CostX. We think you'll find it a crucial to your successful estimating as we do."
  • BQH Limited
    BQH Limited
    "CostX has the shortest break-even I have seen for this type of software."
  • ICP Solutions
    ICP Solutions
    "Using CostX in our office enabled us to produce accurate quantity take-offs on major international projects. CostX integrates well above expectation with the other systems and formats which we use within our business."
  • Rider Levett Bucknall
    Rider Levett Bucknall (Singapore)
    "With Exactal’s commitment on the continuing development of CostX, we are confident that we would be able to achieve our targeted work productivity gains from BIM in tandem with the BCA’s vision."
  • The Estimating Department
    The Estimating Department
    "I highly recommend you get a demonstration of CostX."
  • Bruce Shaw
    Bruce Shaw
    "CostX is our preferred estimating tool and we are currently using it on every continent we are present in. Our first interaction with ... "
  • Measur
    " Fast, effective and easy to use; CostX will improve your companies approach to measurement, with your time spent working being more productive than ever before. "
  • M+W Group
    M+W Group
    " Working with CostX has enabled us to integrate our price databases and work breakdown structure codes into live measurements. Constant development of the software by Exactal ensures ... "
  • Latchford Construction Cost Management
    " CostX saves time, and therefore makes projects more profitable."
  • Sparta Systems
    Sparta Systems
    " CostX is an easy to use program which saves time and money. So it's a win-win! "
  • Williams Southern Limited
    Williams Southern
    " CostX has helped us to improve our tendering efficiency. It has also enabled us to effectively work in both 2D and 3D models and integrate BIM modelling. "
  • Identity Consult
    Identity Consult
    " CostX is an excellent measurement and cost estimating package with integrated phraseology and rate libraries, ensuring the software is easy to use. "
    " CostX is an investment that is sure to provide efficiencies and improve accuracy in any cost management practice. "


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